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Swim School Return

We are sure you will be delighted as we are, that we are planning a phased return of our Swim School starting Friday 14th May 2021

We have been hard at work to make sure that our lessons can return safely for everyone. Our swim teachers have been looking forward to the day we can start our lessons and do what they all love to do and that is teaching your son/daughter to swim. 

Consequently, we have had to plan a two-phased return to ensure we comply with all guidelines set by governing bodies and that of our Foundation Schools. 

Phase 1            

  • Return of all Stage 3 classes and above from Friday 14th May
  • The next 3-4 weeks thereafter will be rebuilding confidence, technique and stamina with the children.

Phase 2            

  • To return Ducklings, Stage 1, Stage 2 and Beginner-6 from Saturday 26th June, where we are hoping we can operate as near to our service’s pre-March 2020 lock down.


2017 Swim Englands Swim School Member of The Year 'Runner Up